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All you need to know about chainsaw for garden

The chain saw as the main tool of a lumberjack was invented long ago. Now everyone has at least the best gas powered chainsaw in their garage. The rapidly developing logging industry pushed to create a simple human mechanism, which required the change of axes to a more productive tool. Nowadays, the edge of the industry has been blurred, and chainsaws have literally flooded the construction tools market. Manufacturers picked up on this trend and began to produce products that meet a certain classification that includes a number of key characteristics:

Chainsaw class

In terms of power and productivity, modern chainsaws are conditionally divided into household, semi-professional, professional and felling tools.

The most common class is the household class. Such chainsaws are the cheapest as they have low power, light weight and low service life. On average, a household saw will last you up to 500 hours of work. Continuous operation time does not exceed 1 hour. The main element of household chainsaws is garden care, feeding of knots and old trees.

Semi-professional or farm saws are used for more demanding tasks, such as logging and construction work. Their engines are slightly more powerful than domestic engines, and their service life is doubled – up to 1000 hours. Such tools can work without interruption up to 4 hours.

The class of professional saws has the widest range of power as well as prices. Their service life is designed for more than 2000 hours, and the time of continuous work is not less than 8 hours. The least powerful saws are used for firewood and construction work, and the options are used more easily for felling.


The saw’s performance depends on the engine power. Thus, household chainsaws are produced with engines up to 2.5 hp, semi-professional – up to 3.5 hp, and professional – from 2.5 to 6 hp. Saws with an engine from 5.0 hp are used for logging.

Tire and chain

The length of the saw blade depends directly on the length of the bar. The bar is the main working part of the tool to which the chain is tensioned. Household saws are equipped with a short bar up to 40 cm. For felling scaffolding where thick tree trunks need to be sawn, a saw with a bar of 50 cm or more is required.

As a rule, a new saw is supplied with a bar and chain suitable for this model. However, a longer or shorter bar can be purchased if desired. It is important to remember that the length of the bar must be adapted to the engine power. It is better not to use long bars on low-power household saws, as the motor will have to be subjected to a higher load, which will shorten its service life.

Saw weight

The weight of the tool is no less important and should be taken into account when buying a saw for long-term work. If you look carefully at each class of chainsaw, you can see quite a serious difference in the weight of the tool, even at the same power. In many ways, this depends on the design of the saw, the type of parts used and the volume of the fuel tank. Stihl chainsaws traditionally have the lowest weight. Slightly inferior to the Swedish brand Husqvarna. Chinese models are usually the heaviest.

Chain brake

An additional function such as chain brake can be very useful when working with wood surfaces. If you have to work with your saw frequently, you’re likely to face the problem of chain kickback. This is not only unpleasant, but also unsafe. That’s why today there are models that have a special shield in their design, which is supported by the user’s hand in case of kickback.

Anti vibration

If the saw is bought not for one-time purposes, but for large works, it is definitely worth paying attention to the presence of an anti-vibration system. The presence of special elements in the design of the saw, allowing reducing vibration, can greatly facilitate the use of tools and keep the user’s joints healthy. Deforming elements are used to reduce vibration. Thus, the engine block can be attached with rubber inserts or steel springs.

Our review will help you to understand the range of chain saws available on the market. We have taken into account the most important criteria for selecting each type of tool – amateur, farm and professional.

Stephanie Gutierres

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