Lotus Temple

The oriental gardens are inspired by the millinery Asian tradition


For drums, you need to select the appropriate model of sticks. As a rule, for this, the weight of the sticks should be slightly more than usual. Choose the best drum shield.

The bottom line is this: when you practice, you train and pay your attention to the techniques of the game, the technique of strikes. You are deliberately putting in a little more effort.

It is as if the athlete lifted the barbell. Heavy sticks help develop stick control as well as technique.

When it comes to playing, the choice of sticks depends on the style of music you will be playing. It is better to play rock with heavy sticks, and jazz with light ones.

For information on which tree there are sticks from, how to choose straight sticks, see the video. If the stick is poorly centered or if the sticks have different weights, this will affect it’s rebound and your control over it.

PS For pad practice, the heavier the sticks, the better. Your task is to give a little more stress to the muscles.

Stephanie Gutierres

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